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🎈 September 1, 2022 - the beginning of the new school year

The new school year has started! In addition to our kindergartens in Smíchov and Strašnice, we also started in the new building of our primary school in Krč and Olivka. During the holidays, we reconstructed the elementary school building to our requirements and, above all, to the requirements of the state, and we managed to get approval to have an official elementary school in this premises. Olivka also passed approval. In the end, despite the many new gray hairs of our director, both of our new buildings were successfully registered in the Register of Schools and School Facilities at the end of the holidays😁.

During the summer, we did not post photos from the elementary school renovation because we wanted the change to be a surprise for students and parents. From the reactions from the first day of school, we believe that we succeeded 🤩. Students at the primary school can now enjoy a spacious dining room with a seating platform. Dining room will also serve as a multifunctional room and will also be used for many cultural, physical and educational activities.

It was also important for our school to have enough space outside so that students could stretch during the day, or even study outside.

Why study in a classroom when it's beautiful outside, right?

The hillside garden was partially excavated and we removed bushes and trees. This gave us a large clean area, which we had covered with artificial turf, with which we have the best experience. Now students have sufficient space for movement, exercise, various sports activities, as well as for rest or for work and study.

After the ceremonial welcome and introduction of the pedagogical team, the students plunged into the educational process of basic education.

On Olivka, as we wrote earlier, an Open Day took place on August 23. and therefore so many children already knew what they could look forward to. Most importantly, the education of the GOLDFISH class, the preparatory class for our elementary school, began here.

A great and action-packed program has been prepared for all our kindergartens and elementary school this year, so both children and parents have something to look forward to. Welcome to the 2022/2023 school year!

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