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GENIUS kindergarten Smíchov

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The GENIUS Smíchov Kindergarten is located in the beautiful premises of a First Republic villa in Prague 5 with its own garden. The school is designed for 60 children.


Children can look forward to a varied daily program, which is complemented by various educational and cultural events, as well as above-standard activities such as a leg club, football, swimming and more.


Parents are also invited to selected events as part of the We Are Together project, so they have the opportunity to look into what is happening in the kindergarten.


The emphasis is on a healthy lifestyle, frequent outdoor stays in all weathers and sufficient exercise.


The school has a Montessori and art class, a garden and in the warmer months the program takes place in the summer class.


Arrange a tour and come to see us or call us at +420 602 66 55 33 and we will be happy to help you.

Our classes

Nazvy tříd BARVY-06.jpg


Children usually from 1 year

Approx. 5 children per teacher

English in blocks

Nazvy tříd BARVY-03.jpg


Children usually from 2 years

Approx. 6 children per teacher

English in blocks

Nazvy tříd BARVY-01.jpg


Children usually from 3 years

Approx. 8 children per teacher

English daily - bilingual program

Nazvy tříd BARVY-02.jpg


Children usually from 4,5 years

Approx. 10 children per teacher

English daily - bilingual program

Preparation for primary schools

Main benefits of the school



We focus on the development of children's potential and talents through individual educational plans. The educational concept GENIUS MIND was created for this purpose. The program is bilingual in Czech and English with the participation of native speakers.More info.



For each school year, there are also optional clubs that are opened according to parents' interest, for example:​

swimming, skating, ceramics, modern dance, ballet, martial arts, music or language afternoon clubs and others.



The individual needs of children are carefully recorded and managed. We respect  the individual requirements of the family - faith, eating - vegetarianism, personal preferences and everything that is important to the family, and she would like to apply it to school facilities as well.



The preschool uses one of the most modern diagnostic systems, and in addition to experienced teachers and native speakers, an integral part of the team is a psychologist. Thanks to early diagnosis, a successful educational process can be established for all children.More info.



In our kindergarten and crèche, we take care of the maximum cleanliness of the environment. We use harmless disinfectants and sensitive soaps for children, together with TORK hygiene products. You can count on your children to always be in a clean and beautiful environment.



Of course, we pay attention to a healthy, balanced and regular diet and drinking regime. We monitor and adjust the menu in case of dietary restrictions and diets.

We also make sure that there is enough time in the fresh air and enough exercise.




Children can continue their education in kindergarten by studying at our bilingual elementary school and thus continue an education that respects their unique personality.



Ensuring the safety of children is an absolute priority for our kindergartens. All team employees are regularly trained in health and safety and providing first aid. School premises are secured and meet European standards.



Our kindergartens also include children with special educational needs. Integration does not take place at the expense of other children and means are always established so that the child is successfully and naturally integrated into the collective.

Monthly tuition of day care and meals in nursery and pre-kindergarten:

2 x week

07:30 - 13:00

7800 CZK + 80 CZK meals/ day

All day: 7:30 - 17:30

11000 CZK + 100 CZK meals/day

3 x week

07:30 - 13:00

9950 CZK + 80 CZK meals/ day

All day: 7:30 - 17:30

14250 CZK + 100 CZK meals/day

4 x week

07:30 - 13:00

11990 CZK + 80 CZK meals/day

All day: 7:30 - 17:30

17200 CZK + 100 CZK meals/day

5 x week

07:30 - 13:00

CZK 13,600 + CZK 80 food / day

All day: 7:30 - 17:30

CZK 19,300 + CZK 100 board / day

Monthly cost of day care and meals in kindergarten and pre-school:

Tuition 5x týdně

All day: 7:30 - 17:30

19 250 CZK


Meals:  150 CZK / day



Cost specific to summer program.


Our school offers scholarships mostly in the form of social scholarship. Read more.


sleva 10%

We encourage sibblings to be a part of the same school community.

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