Summer program 2022


Fantastic space adventure with our GENIUS group

Experience an amazing space summer with us. The whole GENIUS group Jo with Venda and Little Einstein and their robots and Kspin, but also many important men from our history are looking forward to seeing you.

Again, you can use either monthly or weekly attendance.


And what can you be looking forward to?

A group of our astronauts set out into space on a secret mission. They were commissioned by the President of the Earth to discover new planets and find new life in space. Unexpectedly, on their journey through space, they meet the Rainbow Gate, which will open the way for them through time.


Every week, children will have a rocket flight through a mysterious universe and a landing in a different time period on planet Earth. Here they meet important men in our history and they accompany them on their weekly missions. Every time we travel, we have a challenging flight in a spacesuit and a small rocket.  


Every future cosmonaut must undergo special certified space training training from NASA.


For each completed week, astronauts earn graduate badges. The astronauts will also be able to secure the missing badges for the missed weeks by completing a caching game with the involvement of parents.


The program is age-appropriate.

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Weekly topics:

1., 11. - 15.7. NASA  TRAINING 

With a group of our astronauts, we will get through the Rainbow Gate on a journey into history and the future. Who will accompany us on this journey? After all, our GENIUS group Jo, Venda, Little Einstein and our robots and Kspin. They will take us on the first trip to NASA space station, where we will learn everything important for the next trip.  


18. - 22.7. DARWIN

Let's work with our group to find out where a human in the world came from, how he got a fire, learned to fish, to plant grain and much more. Charles Darwin was an expert on the subject. He will help us on the way.


25. - 29.7. TUTANKHAMUN

Every good archaeologist needs a magnifying glass! So take your hand and come to learn about the life of the Egyptians, the pharaohs, learn to read hieroglyphs and the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun will help our GENIUS gang reveal the secrets of the mummies.  


1. - 5.8. ARTHUR 

Let's take on the roles of kings, queens, court ladies and knights, but also legends and rumors. King Arthur will guide us through a time when honor and bravery were the signs of a true knight.


8. - 12.8. GUTENBERG

This time we will meet our friends with Mr. Gutenberg, who contributed to the expansion of the books. He will show us the operation of the printing machine and we will learn about the types of books and their meaning.


15. - 20.8. EDISON

The GENIUS group finds itself at a time when there was no internet and mobile phones. They will learn about the types of communication - Morse code, landline, corded telephone, but above all they will learn from Mr. Edison that it would not be possible without electricity.


22. - 26.8. FUTURE

Our group is waiting for a philosophical reflection on how we could travel and communicate in the future. We will think about it and look for a creative solution with the help of a robot, which we will have to program.


29. - 31.8. NASA  PARTY 

Festivities and recapitulations of the trip await our group and all cosmonauts.



The summer program runs on July 1 and from July 11 to August 31 daily from 7:30 to 17:30.

In the week from 4.-9. In July, our kindergartens are closed.


The capacity is limited.


  • Price per week Strašnice: 4 700 CZK (including meals)

  • Price per week Smíchov: 5 380 CZK (including meals)

  • There are also permanent monthly tuition fees.


A deposit of CZK 2,000 is required for the reservation.  

If you are interested in summer attendance, please fill out the contact form below. We will send you a proforma invoice.


If you have any questions, write to us at and we will be happy to help you.

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