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Summer program 2023

Adventure trip around the world

Experience an amazing adventure with us as you travel around the world. Josefínka and Vendelínek are looking forward to seeing you, but also many of their friends, whom they will meet on the continents they will visit during their journey.

Again, you can use either monthly or weekly attendance.


And what can you look forward to?

Come with us on an adventurous journey around the world. Every week we will travel to a different continent, where Josefínka and Vendelínek will introduce us to the local residents, their customs, language, and culture. Maybe we will taste something good from the traditional dishes of the country. 

Josefínka and Vendelínka will give us passports, thanks to which we will get to corners of the world that we never imagined. 

Every week, the children will get a sticker for their passport and Josefínka and Vendelínka will introduce us to famous personalities and sports, which of course we will also try.  From every continent, children send their parents a postcard with a photo as a souvenir. We will take a picture at the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, say hello to penguins and Eskimos. 

The program is age-appropriate.

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Weekly topics:

10. - 14.7. EUROPE

Josefínka and Vendelínek will take us on a trip through Europe. Among other things, we will follow the footsteps of Vinnetou all the way to the Plitvice Lakes, we will see the whole of France from the Eiffel Tower, and we will not forget the famous European galleries, which we may even surpass with their works. In Spain, in addition to visiting the beautiful Sagrada Familia, we will play football on the world's most famous pitches and taste traditional European food. Thanks to Druid magic potions, Great Britain opens the way to the past and introduces us to sundials. 


17. - 21.7. ASIA

The right traveler should get to know the culture, local customs and nature. In Asia, children visit the Great Wall of China, go on a hike to the Himalayas, try making spring rolls, and eat with Chinese chopsticks. There will also be tea tasting, getting to know the aromas of spices, getting to know the script, getting to know the Erhu musical instrument. Asia is very rich in technology, so the program will also be interwoven with the use of robotic aids. The conclusion of the trip through Asia will be the realization of the Japanese Star Festival Tanabata. 


24. - 28.7.  AFRICA

We can only get to this continent surrounded by seas and oceans by boat or plane. We will first fly to the largest island of Madagascar, where we will make friends with lemurs. But hold on to your hats and backpacks, lemurs like to be funny! And what do we see in the distance between the clouds? After all, the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro! Ugh, that's the height. We will visit an indigenous village and talk about the life of African children and the Maasai tribe. To understand them, we learn a few words in Swahili, the oldest African language. While traveling through this continent, we will also meet many familiar animals, such as elephants, giraffes, lions, snakes, hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses. There will also be time for fun. We will make traditional African accessories and learn one of the many tribal dances. Hakuna Matata!



When traveling around Australia, children visit the national parks of Australia. They will get to know not only the local flora, but especially the fauna (they will meet a kangaroo, tarantula, kiwi, wombat, Tasmanian devil, dingo dog, emu, armadillo, platypus and others...), they will dive into the depths of the sea and visit the Great Coral Reef. They will learn about ecology and the impact of human activity on animals in the seas. Children will try throwing a boomerang, visit the famous "opera", get to know the original inhabitants of Zealand, and the world-famous Haka dance will certainly not be missed. 



North America, a continent in which we can find almost all climate zones. Thanks to this, the nature on this continent is very diverse, which is also reflected in the national parks. When visiting this continent, children get to know abbreviations such as NBA, NFL, and try baseball. There will also be a visit to Hollywood and an introduction to film production. The media can be a great source of information for us, so one day we visit the New York Times, the next day we visit NASA or the American Stock Exchange. The program will be interwoven with the cultural-historical context (settlement of America, the creation of the railway, the original inhabitants - Indians).


With Josefínka and Vendelínka, we will go to Central America, where we will discover the beauty of fauna and flora. We will learn about the history of the Mayans and Aztecs, their religion and architecture. The Mayans were excellent potters, so we will also try working with clay. Just like writing hieroglyphs or creating a calendar. Latin-American dances are still popular, so learning the basic steps of salsa or tango will not be missing. The implementation of the Tlaxcala Carnival will not be missing.

21. - 25.8. SOUTH AMERICA

Hello! Hello! To the sound of samba, we will dance through South America to the famous Rio de Janeiro, where we will be watched over by one of the seven wonders of the world - the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer! The journey through this continent will lead through the mysterious Amazon rainforest, which we will explore together! We may have to hide from some of the animals who live there. When we give ourselves strength with collected bananas and collect coffee fruits from the coffee tree, we will play a match with the best soccer players in the world. We will also taste colorful and colorful local specialties together, maybe tacos? And what will we bring as a souvenir? Typical South American rhythmic musical instruments.



While exploring the Arctic and Antarctic, children will make their own globe and show where the North and South Poles are. Thanks to Amundsen, we will take pictures with penguins and Eskimos and explain how important it is to protect the marine world from pollution. Josefínka and Vendelínka will take us to the world of experiments and water games.



The summer program runs from July 10 to August 31 daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

In the week from 3.-7. in July our kindergartens are closed.

The Strašnice branch is closed for the entire month of July due to reconstruction. The summer program in July for children from Strašnice takes place at the Olivka branch in Prague 4.

The number of places is limited.


  • Price per week in Strašnice: CZK 5,080 (including meals) - only available in August

  • Price per week Smíchov: CZK 5,810 (including meals)

  • Price per week Olivka: 5 25CZK 0 (including food)

  • Fixed monthly tuition fees are also valid.


A deposit of CZK 4,000 is required for booking. 

If you are interested in summer attendance, please fill out the contact form below. Based on the completed form, we will send you an advance invoice.


In case of any questions, write to us atinfo@genius-school.czand we will be happy to attend to you.

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