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Summer program 2024


Become a member of the elite investigative unit of the famous detective GENIUS and follow the trail of mysterious mysteries and crimes.

Experience an amazing adventure with us as you travel around the world. Josefínka and Vendelínek are looking forward to seeing you, but also many of their friends, whom they will meet on the continents they will visit during their journey.

Again, you can use either monthly or weekly attendance.


And what can you look forward to?

Come with us on an adventurous journey around the world. Every week we will travel to a different continent, where Josefínka and Vendelínek will introduce us to the local residents, their customs, language, and culture. Maybe we will taste something good from the traditional dishes of the country. 

Josefínka and Vendelínka will give us passports, thanks to which we will get to corners of the world that we never imagined. 

Every week, the children will get a sticker for their passport and Josefínka and Vendelínka will introduce us to famous personalities and sports, which of course we will also try.  From every continent, children send their parents a postcard with a photo as a souvenir. We will take a picture at the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, say hello to penguins and Eskimos. 

The program is age-appropriate.

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Weekly topics:


Detective GENIUS assembles his dream team. In order to become part of his team, it is necessary to undergo proper training and pass detective tests. Which one of you will get the little detective card?



One of the children's teddy bears gets lost in the classroom. Detective GENIA's team must therefore go on a journey around the kindergarten, collect evidence and use their skills to find the perpetrator.



During this week, detective GENIUS loses his favorite teacher. Using the right clues that are hidden in the kindergarten during the week, we will find out who or what stole our teacher from us.



Detective GENIUS received an envelope in his mailbox. What is hidden in the letter and who will decipher the encrypted writing? It's not easy, and that's why we're going to need the best little detectives on the team.



A mysterious chest has appeared in Detective GENIA's garden. Many questions surfaced: Who placed her here? What is hidden in it? How do we open it?  What about the treasure?

19.-23.8. GENIUS' ESCAPE

GENIUS discovered new spaces full of surprises. However, nothing is free with our detective, so this time our little detectives will try to escape from the premises of the kindergarten.


Who is Blue Mauritius? He is talked about everywhere, but no one has ever seen him. Help Detective GENIUS find out what's going on and why there's such a fuss about his find?!



The summer program takes place at the GENIUS branches in Strašnice and Olivka from 15.7. until 31.8. daily from 7:30-17:30. 

From 1 to 14.7. our kindergartens are closed. 


GENIUS Smíchov is for a reconstruction closed from 1 to 31 July. The summer program here will run from 1st of August until 31st. The summer program in July for children from Smíchov takes place at the Olivka branch in Prague 4.

The number of places is limited.


  • Price per week in Strašnice: CZK 5,500 (including meals) 

  • Price per week Smíchov: CZK 6,300 (including meals) - only available in August

  • Price per week Olivka: 6,300 CZK (including food)

  • A fixed monthly tuition fee is also valid.


A deposit of CZK 4,000 is required to make a reservation. 

If you are interested in summer attendance, please fill out the contact form below. Based on the completed form, we will send you an advance invoice.


In case of any questions, write to us at and we will be happy to attend to you.

STRAŠNICE Kindergarten: Weeks of expected attendance:
MŠ OLIVKA: Weeks of expected attendance:
MŠ SMÍCHOV: Weeks of expected attendance:
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