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with the Czech-English integrated thematic program

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The GENIUS SCHOOL primary school builds on more than 10 years of experience of the GENIUS Kindergarten kindergartens, which during this time have established themselves as innovative kindergartens providing pre-school education at the highest professional level. The unique educational concept GENIUS Mind , which develops children's abilities and skills using individual educational plans based on the best IDS diagnostics , reached its limits in the transition of children to primary schools, which were not always able to work with further development of such children's talent.


Since September 2021, we have been opening the GENIUS School, which will aim to prepare children comprehensively for further education, regardless of the path they choose. Children will gain a solid personality foundation and knowledge on which to build.

Basic information




We are opening the 1st and 2nd class grade.


We are opening the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class grade.

From 1.9.2023

We are opening the whole first stage level.



7 am - 5 pm


Morning GENIUS Club

Daily integrated teaching

Afternoon clubs

Afternoon GENIUS Club






Bilingual program

Native speaker

Cambridge afternoon clubs






Integrated thematic program


3D Printing, Robots, Tablets

The art of self-presentation


Why study with us

We are opening primary school mainly because we need it.


On the one hand, our own children have grown to school age and, given the level of our kindergartens, we have not been able to find a primary school that meets at least most of our quality requirements. In some places we lacked English, in others we lacked a daily stay outside, but mostly we lacked an individual approach to children.


Secondly, our parents have wanted primary school for several years. We worked intensively with their children for several years, developing their talents, and when the children went to primary school, their results and attitude often deteriorated. This confirmed the uniqueness of our approach and educational program.


After several years of preparations, I am happy to inform you that we are opening the GENIUS primary school in September. We care that it is such an elementary school that we create not only for our own children, but also one that we would like to go to ourselves.

Integrated educational program

Our school has an integrated thematic course based on research-based principles that tell us how the human brain works. Instead of dividing the curriculum into school subjects, the curriculum from different educational areas is integrated into one topic, to which the pupils devote themselves for a longer period of time (4 weeks). The educational program naturally follows the education in our kindergartens, which focuse on developing the child's potential. Students go through a general diagnostics, which determines the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Based on the results, the educational program is then adapted and individually set, which is primarily to develop the strengths of the student, so that one day he can fully and successfully implement in the field for which he or she has the potential. Our students don't use textbooks, but professional literature and sources selected for the given topic and natural environment.


We cooperate with SCHOOL MY PROJECT, which provides us with professional methodological support.


The educational program includes:

Bilingual Czech-English teaching

Education takes place in Czech and English in the so-called bilingual form. Part of the project program is conducted entirely in English. Students use English daily and naturally in the program. Native speakers are in our positions as teaching assistants. Students have the opportunity to take the Cambridge exams and have access to Cambridge and Oxford materials. English thematic workshops, events and activities serve to diversify the program.

Project learning

The integrated thematic program includes projects on which students work both in groups and individually. In their work, there is an active development of key abilities of individuals (communication, cooperation, problem solving, self-learning, empathy, proactivity, ...). At the end of the project, each student can pinpoint the share of their work and their involvement.


Our biggest focus is to harness and liberate the potential of our students. We compile individual educational plans for students based on extensive overall diagnostics. There is a targeted development of potential and talent of the student. The school uses one of the most modern diagnostic systems and an integral part of the team are not only experienced teachers but also a psychologists.

Verbal evaluation

Our school uses many forms of qualitative verbal evaluation instead of standad grading. These forms of evaluation are continuous, more specific and have a higher information value. They allow us to highlight the strengths of the student and better motivate him or her. At the same time, they allows to accurately describe the shortcomings that the student must work on in order to eliminate them.

Modern educational aids

Learning takes place in an attractive interactive form with the help of digital technologies. Students work on tablets, 3D printers, interactive whiteboards and use, for example, teaching materials published by Fraus, including electronic textbooks, Tactics and the New School. Montessori aids and robots are also involved.

The art of self-presentation

One of our priorities is the teaching of rhetorical and presentation skills, in which students build self-confidence in their speech. It also includes drama education.

Morning, afternoon and elective clubs

The school provides morning and afternoon club and offers a diversity of clubs - sports, artistic music, logic, language and others.

Educational counseling

We are your partners, we pay attention to the satisfaction of our children and parents in all aspects. We offer professional training advice. We offer professional training advice and collaborate with a team of experts: special pedagogues, psychologists, speech therapists.

Educational areas


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The strengths of the child's personality and his or her potential are developed and it enables the child to further improve them with the help of tools and methods suitable for strengthening a specific talent.


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21st century

We focus on the development of qualities that are important for a successful and happy life in the 21st century - self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-presentation, the art of meditation and open thinking, financial literacy.


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Digital education

Children work with digital technologies. It includes work on tablets, PCs, programming, work with solar technology, robot programming, knowledge of technologies, use of interactive whiteboards, work with a 3D printer.


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The school is based primarily on a healthy lifestyle and daily inclusion of exercise and meditation opportunities. Main goal is to embrace the values of overall sustainable behavior for the future of us all.


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Let's speak

In addition to the inclusion of an already bilingual environment in education, children will be able to learn other languages

Student profile

Our students are brought up with these values.

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Healthy lifestyle



Guided meditation helps us develop creativity. We use a large number of relaxation and breathing exercises. Students learn the basics of yoga.



Diffusers with essential oils are used to create a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere in the school premises. Teaching takes place as much as possible in the garden.



There is a wide range of sports clubs on offer for each school year. Movement is also involved during the day and during breaks to replenish students' energy.



The individual needs of children are carefully recorded and satisfied. In our school we respect and apply the individual requirements of the family - faith, diet - vegetarianism, personal preferences and everything that is important for the family.



The spaces in our schools are always clean and cultivating. We use harmless disinfectants and sensitive soaps for children, together with TORK hygiene products.



The day also includes a healthy and balanced diet, which will bring students mental balance, optimal body weight and overall vitality. A balanced diet supports brain function and also improves mental health.



Tuition fees for the school year 2021/2022 at the primary school amount to CZK 169,000.


In addition to regular tuition, tuition includes:

  • initial diagnostics and setting an individual educational plan

  • consultation with a school psychologist and a special pedagogue

Tuition is usually paid quarterly. For the first quarter on 20th July of the coming school year.

Enrollment for the school year 2021/2022

  • Enrollment for the school year 2021/2022 will take place in April 2021.

  • Until April 15th, we accept preliminary applications for the first year of the school year 2021/2022.

  • For the 2021/2022 school year, 20 pupils in the first grade and 20 pupils in the second grade will be admitted.

  • More information on the admission criteria and the organization of the registration will be available in March.

  • We are now accepting PRELIMINARY APPLICATIONS - see registration form below

  • Based on the PRELIMINARY APPLICATION, we will send more detailed information on the admission procedure in March

Transfer to grades

  • During the school year, it is possible to get transfered to the certain grade, if there is free capacity.

  • At present, it will be possible to transfer to the second grade for the school year 2021/2022

Preliminary application for the first and transfer to the second class

Our location

The school year 2021/2022 will start with our first class in a new modern classroom in common areas with our kindergarten at Švédská street 51 in Prague 5. The following school year will already be in its premises in Prague 5.