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GENIUS MIND - educational program

All educational activities at our elementary school are based on the educational  program GENIUS MIND, which develops students with respect to their personality, strengths and weaknesses and, above all, in accordance with their needs.

Why is our education system effective?
Here are the 3 basic steps of the process:
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Through state-of-the-art diagnostics, we determine the child's potential.Read more here.

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We purposefully develop the child's innate talents and abilities.

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The result is a happy person who devotes himself to what he was born to do.

Student profile

Our students are brought up with these values.

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Education priorities

The unique educational program GENIUS MIND 

We focus on developing the potential and talents of students through the unique GENIUS MIND educational program. 

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The program is conducted in Czech and English

Students use English daily and naturally involved in the curriculum.  Students have the opportunity to take Cambridge exams and have access to Cambridge materials. 

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Digital technology

Teaching takes place in an attractive interactive form with the help of digital technologies. Students work on tablets, 3D printer, interactive whiteboard.

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Rich educational, cultural, social and sports program

As part of the educational program, children can look forward to theaters, excursions, trips, educational programs and joint events with their parents.

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Preventive health examination, but also a hairdresser

We provide regular eye examinations, speech therapy and podiatry examinations, musculoskeletal examinations, as well as visits to the hairdressers at our schools.

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Our schools use one of the most modern diagnostic systems and an integral part of the team is, in addition to experienced teachers, a psychologist. Thanks to early diagnosis, a successful educational process can be established for all students. 

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Verbal assessment

Our school uses many forms of qualitative verbal assessment instead of traditional marking. These forms of assessment are ongoing, more specific and have a higher information value. 

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Project teaching

Part of the integrated thematic program are projects on which students work both in groups and individually. During their work, the key skills of individuals are actively developed (communication, cooperation, problem solving, self-learning, empathy, proactivity,...). 

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A wide range of high-quality clubs

For each school year, there are also optional clubs that are opened according to parents' interest, for example:​ swimming, skating, ceramics, modern dance, ballet, martial arts, music or language afternoon clubs and others.


Mental hygiene, Mindfulness and well-being

Children can continue their education in kindergarten by studying at our bilingual elementary school and thus continue an education that respects their unique personality.

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