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The results of modern research prov to us that the brain establishes 75% of all neuronal synapses by the age of 7 years. Of this, 50% occurs even by the age of 5. NASA research even claims that 98% of four-year-old children are ingenious creatives with immense potential. However, this potential remains untapped and at the age of 15, only 12% of children use this potential.


In our kindergartens, we know that children have extraordinary potential and talent. Thanks to the most modern diagnostic methods, we can detect children's potential, but above all we can work with it and develop it from the age of one. For this purpose, we have developed our own unique educational concept GENIUS MIND , which develops children with regard to their personality, strengths and weaknesses, and especially in accordance with their needs.


We supplement the child's education with an offer of other activities and adapt the program to them. Working with gifted preschool children is effective if they are given attention in communication, no authoritative style is applied, their performances and opinions are presented and activities are evaluated together, they are talked about. This makes them aware of their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to provide children with conditions for education that will enable them to develop their potential and achieve results and experiences that will enrich them.


Our goal is to give children the opportunity to develop what they were born for. By getting to know the child's personality, they had a varied and active childhood that will fulfill their natural need for knowledge. With professional guidance, they gain confidence in themselves and in their abilities, which is so important for success in life.


Mgr. Petra Langerová, director and founder of the school, author of the educational concept GENIUS MIND

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Why is our education system effective?
Here are the 3 basic steps of the process:


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We use the latest diagnostics to determine the potential of a child.


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We deliberately develop the child's innate talents and abilities.


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The result is a happy person who is dedicated to what he was born for.

Educational program



We have one of the most modern and comprehensive diagnostic systems. We map children in all areas of skills, abilities, talents. We manage detailed portfolios of children with developmental progress, set support measures, recommendations, preparation of stimulation programs, professional specialization - pedagogical support.

More info.



We develop eight main areas of intelligence, but primarily those for which we have talent and potentional to be grate at.

We gain knowledge and skills to be successful
and satisfaction in the 21st century. We acquire the art of self-evaluation,
self-presentation, meditation, awareness of the moment, financial literacy. We learn how to use modern technology healthily
and safely and for our benefit.



The environment of our schools is minimalist, so that children's attention is focused on their activities. In the warmer months, the program runs as much as possible outside in the summer classes.



English is naturally included in the daily routine, from the youngest children and is adapted to their abilities and age. In our Czech-English program under the guidance of trained pedagogues, children are systematically educated with Cambridge English material. Children have the opportunity to take Cambridge exams. In kindergartens, the program is bilingual, in elementary school it is Czech-English.



Modern and time-tested educational methods (Montessori, Growth Mind, NTC learning and others) are involved. The school invests in educational aids, literature and also in robotic toys. We also cooperate with Mensa ČR and the Talent Center.



Only experts and enthusiasts in pre-school education work in our schools. Our diverse and dynamic team is constantly educating and moving to be children's inspiration and proper guides.




Based on diagnostic examination and pedagogical observation, individual educational plans are compiled for children, which correspond to the child's personality.

At the same time, an individual approach is provided by small groups of children per teacher.



The rich program includes various activities (eg visiting a mini ZOO in kindergarten), trips, afternoon optional clubs (eg swimming, skating, ceramics, modern dance, ballet, martial arts, music or language afternoon clubs and more.)



Cooperation and communication with parents is very important for the child's education. The school offers counseling, individual meetings, participation in adaptations and various events within the project "We are together".

Evaluation of the CZECH SCHOOL INSPECTION 2019

Last year, our kindergarten was inspected. We were very happy with the evaluation. Read reviews:


Purposeful support of gifted children.


Processed support measures (individual educational plan and pedagogical support plan). These are effectively implemented in practice.


Thanks to the implementation of support measures, gifted children are systematically guided to the maximum development of their potential.


The aim of education is to educate children to independence and to acquire basic values ​​in a bilingual environment in cooperation with the family.


The layout of direct pedagogical activities enables excellent cooperation of the teaching staff. This ensures the possibility of an individual approach to all children and respect for their needs.

Education in both classes was accompanied by a friendly, family atmosphere. From the very good and friendly level of mutual communication in Czech and English, the children's trust in teachers was evident. The English language was presented in a natural way (in collaboration with a native speaker and teacher).


The application of elements of Montessorri pedagogy in skill-practical activities appropriately develops children's sensory perception.


Bilingual education, which takes place through experiential and situational learning, perfectly supports the development of children's language literacy.


Everyday natural communication with native speakers who work with teachers during education creates a very good basis for further development of children's communication skills in English, and for foreigners in Czech.


Effective education of children under the age of three in cooperation with a teacher and a nanny.

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Obsah vzdělávacího programu
Vzdělávací program
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