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Director's opening remarks

Michal Zuza

We founded the kindergarten 12 years ago with a clear goal - to create the best kindergarten in Prague. We didn't know what it meant to be the best, but we went forward with the idea that we wanted to create the kind of preschool we would want for ourselves and our children.

Over time, we have come to the conclusion that the most important thing is to allow children targeted development in all areas with an emphasis on the areas in which the child has talents. That is why we created our own educational program in cooperation with the most qualified experts, such as the Gifted Center and Mensa CR, which takes the best of modern and proven educational trends (Montessori, NTC learning, Growth mind, etc.). We have also included learning about foreign cultures and languages, which is why the   educational program is bilingual Czech-English and we have professional English language teachers.

But the most important thing is the natural environment for games and personal development. We attach great importance to it in order to enable children to fully develop their potential, to become personalities with regard to their natural talent and to further develop this talent during further education in the Czech Republic or anywhere in the world.

Over time, our kindergartens grew into two branches and a primary school, which we opened in 2021 and which continues our unique educational program. In 2022, we will open a third branch of our kindergarten in Prague 4.

The children will tell us that we are doing well in kindergarten and school. By looking forward to us.

We have been developing children's potential since 2010.

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"Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life knowing that it can't."


Albert Einstein

The name GENIUS was chosen to connect with the main philosophy of the schools, which is that children are born as creative geniuses with a certain potential. The potential needs to be discovered and developed in a targeted manner. As Albert Einstein said, who stated how important it is to adapt education to the individual's personality.


The fish in the logo refers to Einstein's quote and is meant to remind us of what we do and why.

Our vision

The mission of our schools is to enable children to discover and develop their unique potential. In the foreground is the student, his talent
and individuality.

To ensure to parents that their child receives a high-quality education in a friendly and safe environment of an educational institution that offers comprehensive services (speech therapy, pedology, physiotherapy, psychological and special counseling services) and has a secondary school system.

The output should be a resilient, well-educated individual with the preservation of his uniqueness, his potential and exceptionality with an open mind for the coming society, century..)


To keep our team enthusiastic, motivated and constantly developing in the realization of their inner mission and passion for education.

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The values of GENIUS schools


what we do is exceptional


 talking together and listening to each other is the basis


we are not afraid to try new things in education


 we are professionals and we have the highest expectations


 we behave responsibly towards the environment


we respect the unique personality and needs of the individual

We work together

We would like to thank all our partners for their cooperation.

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Templates IV for GENIUS Kindergarten o.p.s. was co-financed by the European Union.

As part of the Templates IV project for GENIUS Kindergarten o.p.s. we finance the further education of kindergarten staff as well as personnel support aimed at increasing the quality of education provided to children with a different mother tongue.

Project registration number: CZ.02.02.XX/00/22_002/0004102

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