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🍂 Autumn teambuilding at Kubas' cottage

Every year, we prepare autumn and spring team-building stays for our students, during which students deepen their friendships, learn independence and experience many adventures. Last week we went to Kubas' cottage, the same place as we went in spring. Together with our students we went to explore the surrounding beauty of the Eagle Mountains.

Kubas' cottage is originally a family farm with an inner courtyard. The history of the farm goes back to 1745. In the years 1997 - 2014, it was gradually renovated with love and respect for the ancestors and now offers a large, pleasant and, above all, multifunctional environment for workshops and team-buildings such as ours. In addition, they cook well there 😊.

The most important benefit of “school in nature” is the whole day's stay in the fresh air, when standard educational activities are transferred from inside to outside. All week our kindergarten students were accompanied by elves who prepared various tasks for them. On Monday, they built houses for them. On Tuesday, our students practiced their knowledge of environmental education. They learned how to behave in the forest, observed bugs, and recognized mushrooms and plants. The afternoon was spent in a creative spirit, when the students helped the elves to make new, magical wands (the special ingredient of these wands was glowing glue). Wednesday was marked by a field trip during which our students met domestic animals, and the big hit was a tractor that farmed the local fields. There was also the sorting of forest fruits and songs composing. In the evening, students were treated to a bonfire. The last day was in the spirit of sport. The students played movement games together, then created crowns from nature, thanks to which they all became the kings and queens of the elven kingdom and thus the treasure that the elves had prepared for them was revealed to them.

Our elementary school students had a slightly different program from their younger colleagues. The morning had an educational form, but even so it was not neglected to stay in the healthy fresh air. Together, they explored the close surroundings of the forest, completing tasks that tested not only their knowledge and skills, but also their sportsmanship. The highlight of the week was a visit to the nearby Paleta Ecocenter in Oucmanice, where they learned about the function of a root water treatment plant, about filter cylinders, petted rabbits and studied small insects living in the local pond.

Schools or kindergartens in nature are in many cases the first time when children spend the days and nights without their parents for the first time, and also a time of realization that "I am able to take care of myself" and that's important. All the students did excellently and we are already looking forward to the next spring team-building!

PS: You wouldn't believe how even "non-eaters" become eaters, in short, everything tastes 100x better in the fresh air 😁.

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