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The results of modern research prov to us that the brain establishes 75% of all neuronal synapses by the age of 7 years. Of this, 50% occurs even by the age of 5. NASA research even claims that 98% of four-year-old children are ingenious creatives with immense potential. However, this potential remains untapped and at the age of 15, only 12% of children use this potential.


In our kindergartens, we know that children have extraordinary potential and talent. Thanks to the most modern diagnostic methods, we can detect children's potential, but above all we can work with it and develop it from the age of one. For this purpose, we have developed our own unique educational concept GENIUS MIND , which develops children with regard to their personality, strengths and weaknesses, and especially in accordance with their needs.


We supplement the child's education with an offer of other activities and adapt the program to them. Working with gifted preschool children is effective if they are given attention in communication, no authoritative style is applied, their performances and opinions are presented and activities are evaluated together, they are talked about. This makes them aware of their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to provide children with conditions for education that will enable them to develop their potential and achieve results and experiences that will enrich them.


Our goal is to give children the opportunity to develop what they were born for. By getting to know the child's personality, they had a varied and active childhood that will fulfill their natural need for knowledge. With professional guidance, they gain confidence in themselves and in their abilities, which is so important for success in life.


Mgr. Petra Langerová, director and founder of the school, author of the educational concept GENIUS MIND