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Our story

The path of our schools

We would like to tell you the story of the origin and journey of our schools.

It is a story about the cooperation of a large number of enthusiastic, child-loving and childhood-admiring people - teachers, assistants, psychologists, creatives, experts and others. People who, with their work, participated together in the creation of something that really has meaning and thanks to which they can qualitatively influence not only the present, but above all the future of our world. 

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The very beginning


GENIUS kindergartens are a family business.

The joint journey began in 1985, when cousins Petra and Pavlína were born.

5 years later, they took pictures together in kindergarten.

Josefínka and Vendelínek


The first kindergarten was opened on 3 May 2010 in Strašnice
under the name Josefínka and Vendelínek by cousins
pedagogue Petra Langerová and graphic designer and illustrator Pavlína Zuzová.

Josefínka a Vendelínek.jpg
Josefínka a Vendelínek.jpg

Registration in the register


The approval of premises and registration in the Register of Schools and School Facilities was the first step towards the professionalization of our school.

The school was approved for 18 children and 2 years later the premises were expanded to a capacity of 32 children.



After seven years, Petra begins to write the first outlines of the GENIUS Mind educational concept. An educational concept that really works.At the center of everything is the child, his unique personality and potential.

In addition to Petra, various experts from the pedagogic, psychological and practical sectors are starting to work on the concept.

genius school.jpg

Growth and professionalization


In 2018, Pavlína's husband joined the management of the company
businessman Michal Zuza.

Everyone has a role to play in leadership
based on your potential: Petra - education,
Michal - finance and Pavlína - marketing.



In 2019, our school is being rebranded. We are preparing a second branch and we want to open it under a new name that better describes our expertise and focus.

GENIUS with a fish in the logo, as a reference to Albert Einstein and his attention to the need to adapt education to the personality of the individual, is born.

GENIUS základní škola
Genius smíchov.jpg

Second branch


On February 3, 2020, we opened our second branch at Laughingly. The internal and external spaces of the school underwent significant modifications and approval for a kindergarten.

No comment


Like other companies, we too have been scratching our heads at this stage. A feeling of uncertainty and fear. However, we overcame this period together as a team, also thanks to the parents who supported us.

GENIUS School.jpg

Elementary School


Despite the difficult situation with Covid, we managed to open the first class of the GENIUS School Elementary School on 1 September 2021, which is in temporary premises
GENIUS Smíchov. 

A big milestone


After two years of planning, we signed a lease for Olivka on April 21, 2022. Kindergarten premises in the most modern building in Brumlovka. The third branch welcomed the first children on September 1, 2022. 

From 1.9. In 2022, elementary school students also began their studies in the new building in Dolnokrčská street.

We approved both buildings and registered them in the Register of Schools and School Facilities.

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