Summer program 2020

Emmet's super-summer adventure

Theme of this summer was chosen by the children themselves, therefore it is guaranteed that it will be a BOMB, because our children have definitely good taste :-).


For this summer we have prepared an epic Czech-English summer program that will take us to the world of LEGO. Together with a bunch of characters from Lego movie we will save the world of children's fun and imagination.


"Each of us is special and everyone can do great things!"


As every summer you can choose either monthly or weekly attendance.


And what can you look forward to?

Every week we visit one empire in Lego space: Western, City, the fantasy world of Cuckooland Clouds, Knight's Castle, Clown Town and other interesting worlds. And along with Lucy, Kitty's Cat and Batman, we will help lead character Emmett prevent Lord Business from destroying all summer fun and imagination, because we are all special and can do great things.


In each empire children will acquire new knowledge and skills.

The summer program runs from 29th June to 31st August daily from 7: 30-17: 30.


The program is designed for our children from the kindergarten along with new kids aged 2 -10.


  • Price per week: 4 350 Kč (including meals)

  • Standard monthly tuition can be chosen for monthly attendance


A deposit of CZK 2000 is required for reservation.


If you are interested in summer attendance, please fill in the contact form below. We will send you all information based on the completed form.


If you have any questions, reach us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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