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Welcome to Genius School

The school was established 10 years ago with a specific vision. The vision was that it would become one of the most prestigious schools in Prague. However, the question remains, how do we know if our school is among top schools in the city?


Eventually we came to the conclusion that top schools focus on offering children a wide range of multidisciplinary activities that would help them develop and progress in all dimensions. Most of all, they encourage each child to increase their potential that they are destined to. 


Furthermore, top schools should make children be aware of cultural differences and languages that are spoken around the world. That in mind, children at our school are exposed to two languages, Czech and English taught by native speakers from the USA, on a daily basis. Other than the concept of education, early experience of bilingual environment contributes to the development of cognitive abilities.


As professionals in child development, we support and encourage children to develop their potential in natural settings. The school provides children with toys from various subject areas that help them grow and learn through play. We pay attention to every child and help them increase their primary potential in order to prepare them for their next journey in further education in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Children who attend our school give us a feedback on whether we, as professionals, did a great job by the degree to which they look forward to coming back.

Michal Zuza, ředitel

Meet our team

Yes, we are demanding and we have high requirements not only for ourselves but for our entire team. That's why our kindergartens attract the greatest enthusiasts in the industry.

Petra Langerová


  • Petra completed her masters in early years and special education

  • Gained qualification for becoming a director at schools

  • Qualified in preventing employment burnout 


Courses completed:

  • Mensa NTC Learning

  • Montessori pedagogy

  • How to prepare a child for transfer from kindergarten to school?

  • How to start a day together in kindergarten?

  • Starting together in class

  • Yoga for children

  • Fort IG – working with bright and talented children

Michal Zuza


  • Michal studied law in Prague

  • Years of experience in advocacy (Havel & Holásek, Weinhold Legal, White & Case)

  • In charge of his consultancy company for 8 years


  • Courses completed:

  • Fort IG – working with bright and talented children

Pavlína Zuzová


  • Pavlína studied at Václav Hollar Art School

  • Completed her degree in social and mass communication at J. A. Komensky University


Courses completed:

  • Mensa NTC Learning

  • Montessori pedagogy

  • How to prepare a child for transfer from kindergarten to school?

  • How to start a day together in kindergarten?

  • Starting together in class

  • Yoga for children

  • Fort IG – working with bright and talented children

Nikol Brožková
  • Completed her degree in special education focused on early years (specialised in speech therapy)


Courses completed:

  • Psychology

  • Fitness activities for children

  • Preschool children

  • Teaching course “How does family atmosphere influence children’s upbringing?“    

  • Fort IG – working with bright and talented children


Jackson Smith
  • TEFL Certification

  • Young Learners and Teens Certificate

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

  • 21 months of English Language Teaching, ages 4, 5, and 6 in the Czech Republic


Barbora Semová
  • Student of the Faculty of Education, Charles University, Special Education

  • Fort IG – working with bright and talented children


Barbora Vachtová
  • Preschool and extracurricular pedagogy


  • Children at the start

  • Program "How to deal with a problem parent"

  • Music education program

  • Leading an athletic hobby group for children

Teacher assistant

Dominika Skipalová
  • Preschool and extracurricular peadogogics


Karolína Nepalová
  • Nanny for children until the start of compulsory schooling

  • Certificate of state language exam in English (level C1)

  • One-year preparatory course in psychology


Margareta Johnová



  • Faculty of Arts, Palacky University in Olomouc - field of Psychology

  • Biodynamic psychotherapy and body therapy

  • Comprehensive psychotherapeutic training in the depths

  • Psychologist in healthcare

  • PBSP at work with the family

  • Applied psychodiagnostics of adults and children

Maria Shvedchenko

Assistant teacher


  • Development of programs for camps and extracurricular organizations

  • Organization of hobby clubs

Kateřina Harcombe



  • Kateřina is in charge of communication with parrents

Kateřina Čunátová

Teacher assistant

  • Completed a degree in special education at Charles University

  • Studied at Secondary Medical School in Písek

Barbora Nová

Assistant teacher

  • Medical High School

Veronika Fíková


  • Veronika is our enthusiastic nanny

Maryna Kihichak

Assistant teacher

  • Lecturer of first aid

  • Lecturer of activities for preschool children

Soňa Štajnochová

Assistant teacher

  • Certificate of completion of accredited
    qualification program in the DVPP system - Study for a teaching assistant

Kristina Mičková



  • Kristina is in charge of administrations.


Our first goal is to give children the appropriate guidance through teaching in order to help each child become a confident individual. As a confident individual, each child would be able to present and self-evaluate themselves, learn from their mistakes, think critically and learn how to be resiliant.


As professionals in child development, our second goal is to help you find your child´s potential and continue developing it through the concept of education and exposure to bilingual environment that’s provided at school. Your child would become successful in the subject area that he is talented at. 


Our third goal is to teach children how to be open-minded and creative. Children are encouraged to find solutions to problems and come up with new original ideas. Acquisition of such skills will also prepare them for being able to deal well with any unforseen circumstances that they may possibly face in the future. 


Our fourth goal is to fulfill every child´s playful side by engaging them in fun games and activities that encourage them to explore the world around them. Every day is also filled with laughter and collaboration with friends. Education is a part of everyday activities that is included in the form of play. Children learn and discover new horizons through play

Healthy lifestyle and values

Our fifth goal is to teach children a healthy lifestyle consisting of healthy diet and regular exercise. We, as professionals in child development, also teach children how to be environmentally friendly and show respect to our planet Earth and to others. 

Our goals

Our story

Genius School was first opened in 2010 under the name Josefínka and Vendelínek in Prague Strašnice. Since then, the school has become one of the most successful and prestigious schools in Prague and a part of many children´s lives. It was accredited by the Ministry of School.


The school was established by two cousins – Petra Langerová and Pavlína Zuzová. Their goal was to develop a concept of education that was not in any other existing school in Prague. Petra who completed her degree in special education already had an idea in mind of what their private school would look like. Finally after 10 year experience of being the director of  school and education, she developed a new concept of education, along with other professionals from the subject area, called the GENIUS MIND. The teaching methods implemented in the new concept of education were reviewed in research and practice. They are proven by excellent results in research and successful effectiveness in practice.


At the end of 2019, we started to prepare for the opening of a second location for your children in Prague Smíchov. Schools at both locations are open under the name GENIUS School as of January of 2020.


The name Genius highlights the school´s philosophy and belief. The philosophy is that all children are born as creative creatures with a given potential. To be able to continue nurturing and developing every child´s potential, it is first necessary to discover their potential. According to Albert Einstein: “ Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid“. This is the reason why the Genius School is represented by a fish in its logo.


The Genius School collaborates with teachers who are passionate about teaching and are willing to continue learning and developing their skills from most up to date research in education.


In the near future, the school directors are also looking to expand their concept of education to primary education. They are currently looking for apropriate location that would serve the needs of teachers and children. We would appreciate any suggestions.


Our partners

We have been collaborating with various partners and professionals including educational and psychological counselling centre, psychologist and a clinical speech therapist. We have also been collaborating with Mensou ČR and Centrem nadání since spring of 2013. Other partners: 





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