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Here are the questions you ask us at our GENIUS kindergarten.

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How do I know if my child is gifted?

NASA research shows that 98% of children are born as brilliant creatives. Which means everyone  the child is gifted. It is important to recognize in which area the child excels and then continue to develop there.  WITH  experts in the school facility help determine the direction and talent. Of course, there are also cases of exceptionally gifted children who, for example, learn to read at the age of two and in such a case the parent himself will know :-).


Why is it important to learn languages from an early age?

Children will learn another language in a natural and non-violent way, just like their mother tongue. 

Any activity that children learn before the age of 7 is stored in children's memory more easily and several times more effectively than in the years to come.

Knowledge of another language  at best other languages)  is a necessary investment today  into the education of our children. This will give children the opportunity to apply worldwide.


How to choose the right nursery?

For the youngest children  is essential  that  the facility was not just a watch corner.

The educational program in the nursery should also be with English, art activities, musical activities, a stay outside and enough sleep.

The environment should be clean and safe, and the toys should be safe.

It is necessary for such small children  empathetic, helpful and friendly staff.

A small number of children per aunt is a condition - there should already be two teachers or nurses per ten children.


How to choose the right kindergarten?

If the parent decides for a kindergarten or nursery school, he should go through the educational program and  concept  schools, which should include modern and traditional elements of pedagogy, such as:

  • bilingual  program and other languages - bilingual program should be  secured  native speakers but also a Czech lecturer  so as to ensure the balance of the program and the children first learned Czech well and then naturally English or another language

  • digital education and digital equipment (tablets, PC)

  • sports activities 

  • healthy eating

  • frequent stay outdoors in any weather - the educational program should be moved to outdoor areas 

  • elements of montessori pedagogy

  • individual approach to children, etc.

  • speech therapy  prevention

  • offer, quantity and quality of offered activities and circles

  • professional  team

  • consulting services

  • cleanliness and safety of the premises

  • quality teaching aids, books, sports aids

  • ergonomically friendly furniture, tables chairs


Does a two-year-old child belong to kindergarten?

Age alone does not determine a child's maturity. 

A child in the care of a professional, professional and loving team and in the team of other children. The child is cared for, excited, longing for other experiences - such a child is happy. 

The child can start attending the nursery only for a few hours a week, which will allow him to gain new perceptions, experiences, stimuli, it will allow him to further develop and gain social ties with other children while maintaining a very close bond with parents.


How do adaptations work?

In the first days of kindergarten, the parent should be able to stay with the child, but in such a case  regime so that the child knows that the parent is leaving kindergarten and is not staying with him all day.  The parent's presence at the adaptation is voluntary and certainly not necessary. It often prolongs the child's adaptation time in the new team.

In the first days, it is advisable to adapt the child for an hour or  two  and then add time according to the course of the adaptation itself. Adaptations take place in different ways and depend on the personality of the child  parents. Here you need to trust the experience of school staff.


Is a child unhappy when he cries in kindergarten?

The answer is no. In most cases, the baby stops crying within a few minutes, the professional team knows how to seize the baby or  motivate. 

In exceptional  cases when  se  adaptation fails, support measures and resources are set up together with the parents for its successful course.


Am I a bad parent when I put a child in kindergarten at an early age?

No, you are not.

Children attending quality pre-school facilities have excellent results in the coming years, both mentally, physically and  social. Children have a rich program, they are with friends, they learn and they learn more and more things. In a quality educational facility, preventive programs are included in the program​ - eye examinations, speech therapy care, care of a special pedagogue and other recommendations suitable for proper development, but also cultural - theaters, etc.  

It is important to spend quality time with the child, not all the time available to the parent.

Even a parent must  be able to unwind, work, and look forward to your child.

Happy parent = happy child.


What are the benefits of modern educational trends?

We are preparing children for the 21st century, which is full of modern and digital technologies.   So let's teach them to use everything to their advantage. Thanks to them, even the educational process can be more fun, more playful, more dynamic and more efficient.

Modern educational trends allow us to use brain capacity more effectively in childhood and develop children's potential.

We remember that we are not preparing children for the world of today, but for them to be able to establish themselves in a world that will be here from the age of 20.


What should we focus on in educating children about the future?

  • Creative thinking 

  • Ability to use ICT.

  • Be able to work with error.

  • Property  self-esteem.

  • Knowledge of at least two other languages.

  • The ability to take care of your body with your mind - the art of meditation, self-knowledge, a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

  • Problem solving ability.

  • Team work.


Why invest in children's education?

The level, level and quality of education has a fundamental influence on the future application of man in the world. It determines his abilities and skills, their development and application in work, business, social and interpersonal relationships.

Given the ever-changing and evolving world, investing in quality education is the only constant that will ensure the best preparedness for the future, whatever it may be.


What is the advantage of smaller educational groups?

Individual approach to children, compliance  individual needs and requirements of children. Educators have the opportunity to take care of each child with regard to their specific needs and set up appropriate motivational and stimulating systems.

They provide a more intensive program and feedback for children  more effective results.


Under what conditions scholarships are awarded?

Scholarships are mostly offered to gifted children when their parents are not able to pay our tuition. The applications for scholarships are evaluated individually by the school board and can also be awarded by providing extraordinary benefits to the school. They depend on the income and financial situation of the applicant's family and their tehir amount varies. The number of scholarships is limited each year and also depends on the economic situation of the school. 

For more information and to apply, write us an e-mail to the main contact. 


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